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June 23rd, 2021

Who are Spotlight Newport?

Our Vision

We are passionate about showcasing great local businesses and encouraging local people in Newport to use local services and providers.

‘Our Vision’ for ‘Spotlight’ is simple. We would love to bring all the best local businesses within Newport together, creating a great local network where businesses can work with each other to help develop a vibrant local economy.

Spotlight Wales is new in 2017, however the team behind Spotlight Newport have over twenty years running small businesses in different sectors, and marketing them effectively.

What do we do?

Firstly, this is a local business operation which focuses on championing the great local businesses in Newport. Businesses have the opportunity to take part in many online and offline marketing activities such as networking meetings, expos and awards events. They also receive certificates, recommendation artwork, customer feedback cards, regular newsletters and customer offers.  Every member also receives a featured full-page listing on our professional web site.

Secondly, Spotlight also has a community focus, with local news and events listed. This is a key place for the local community to find out what’s going on and when in Newport.

Thirdly, we engage with local residents through free membership. This gives the community a voice – giving them a way to leave reviews on local businesses, and being able to recommend good businesses to the rest of Newport, and also the ability to add local Newport events to the site. In return, members will receive discounts and special offers from the listed businesses on a regular basis.

Why Spotlight?

We believe Spotlight helps to bring together a range of things to help local businesses in Wales shine.  The Welsh Government and Newport Council can offer help with new business initiatives, but do have limited resources.  We feel it is not just the public sector who should help develop businesses, but something we can all help with.  We help by developing business relations within Newport, assisting in creating a vibrant local economy.  We love Wales, feel that the people are friendly and genuine, and we really do believe that Spotlight will make a difference here in our corner of the world.

We have a solid business background. Having owned and operated a number of successful business ventures in Wales prior to Spotlight Newport, we have a solid and real understanding of running a business. Coupled with sales and marketing skills gained within the private sector, we have a clear understanding of business needs. Although each County is operated by different people, as a collective, we bring a wide range of skills to ensure we share knowledge to help work out what will work best for you in your business.  As we all know, there is no one size fits all option, so we strive to work out what will work best for you!

Any correspondence for Spotlight Newport can be sent to:

Poppy Marketing Limited, 10 Ashfield Court, Cardiff, CF3 0AE



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