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August 24th, 2019
Health and Lifestyle

Tips for Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

How to keep cool in this weather - from someone who used to live in the tropics!

Hoe to keep cool in the summer heat

So the sun is shining and we are all melting – well I am anyway.  We all love the sun, but sometimes it is just a bit too hot, even for me.  Here are a few tips on keeping cool in this weather:

·     Open ALL the windows in your house – try and create a through breeze

·     Wear natural fabrics – they help your skin breathe more and keep you cooler.  I love linen in this weather

·     Loose clothing is better than tight clothing

·     If you have fans, have them on to cool a room before going in.  Great for the office and the bedroom

·     Cool showers – especially before bed will help you sleep

·     Drink lots.  And I do mean lots.  Best to avoid too much alcohol as it dehydrates you. Grab a water bottle and make sure you keep refilling it through the day.  In heat like this I aim for at least 3 litres a day!

·     Ice lollies are lovely!

·     Fill the paddling pool, or even a container with water to put your feet into

·     Ladies – forget makeup!  If you feel you can’t, stick to a tinted moisturiser with sun cream in it.  Everything else will just melt anyway!

·     Wear a big hat, suncream and sunglasses.  Sunburn is not attractive!

·     Avoid going in the sun between 11am and 3pm – the hottest parts of the day

·     Don’t forget your pets – they need extra water too! A tip from a dog groomer friend – make sure you don’t walk your dog on a hot path as it could burn their feet. If it is too hot for your hand to touch it for 5 seconds it is too hot for your dog to walk on!

If all else fails, I suggest retreating to the nearest shopping centre that is air conditioned, or the cinema.  Why not check out what is on at Cineworld and escape the heat for a couple of hours!

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