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September 21st, 2019
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The Kada Safe Tread System – how the slip resistant coating works

We recently had Kada Coatings install their Kada Safe Tread System for us in our bath and were really impressed with the process. The Kada Safe Tread System is a safety enhancement coating which comes in a “Self Install” kit format.  The kit is designed to be used by maintenance staff for hotels, B&B’s, care homes and so on, as well as for people wanting a long-lasting, slip resistant surface in a specific area. After my daughter’s friend slipped in her shower and broke her cheekbone, we decided we wanted a better option than a bathmat in ours!

The kit was really amazing. It contained everything needed to apply the coating, including cleaning pad to clean the bath with before starting , glasses and a pair of gloves. We were so impressed with everything that we wanted to explain and document the process here. It was quite a simple process, but wow – is it effective!

The kit has very easy to follow instructions, and everything is well labelled.

Step 1. Clean the surface with solution 1, and then rinse clean. In our case, it was a bath, but a shower tray, wet room floor etc would need the same steps completed.

Step 2. Clean the bath with the contents of container labelled 2, then dry the surface.  At this point I noticed how clean the cleaners actually got the surface. I had actually just cleaned the bath with my domestic cleaner before this, but it obviously wasn’t quite as good!


Step 3. Wipe the surface with the supplied Isopropyl alcohol wipe labelled 3. This was perhaps the smelliest step, and reminded me of a hospital smell. Not bad, just a medical smell.

Step 4. Position the template in the bath and stick down. The template is sticky, so backing paper was removed and down it went. We opted for oval shapes, but for a shower you could cover the whole tray, or choose from a range of other templates.

Step 5. Again, another easy step. The contents of little bottle 4 were wiped on to the empty spots in the template. This was left on for 15 minutes or so while we went and had a cup of tea, before being wiped off with a paper towel. The surface was now ready to go!

Step 6. is where the magic happens. The liquids in containers 5 and 6 were mixed together and given a stir. Apparently you can’t mix them until just before you need them, otherwise they will go hard too soon! Again, very little smell – in fact, it was a lot less than when I’d painted a room in the house the weekend before! The mixed liquid were then poured onto the template and spread on the template with a mini paint roller.  It was amazing to see how quickly and easily the slip resistant surface went on, and the fact that there was virtually no smell was amazing. As an asthmatic, I was really impressed!


Step 7. Remove template, and allow the slip-resistant coating to dry ready for use. This took about 4 hours, 5 hours maximum. It was touch-dry in about 30 minutes, but I didn’t want to let it get wet before instructed. I was really impressed with how quickly it dried!


Since the installation, we have used the bath and shower many times. The slip resistant coating feels slightly rough underfoot, but not uncomfortably. It is a slightly different colour to the bath, which makes it easy to remember where the coating has been applied, and it won’t change colour, or yellow over time, which is great.

The special formula used is permanent, has been well tested and has a brilliant slip resistance rating (UKAS testing facility approved) compared to the standard bath surface, and definitely makes a huge difference! It hasn’t damaged the surface of the bath at all (no acid is used), it has virtually zero Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s (think of the nasty smell from solvents etc and you will know what I mean), and was safe for even me to use without a complicated procedure. I’ve been assured the Steritouch rating means that the surface is broad spectrum antimicrobial (will kill 99.9% of bacteria such as MRSA, E. Coli, pseudomonas etc), to protect the surface and will last for a very long time!

I’m highly impressed and urge everyone to consider buying one of these kits to apply to their bath or shower at home. Even better – if you are involved in the care home sector, or the hotel sector, why not buy one for each bath/shower in your premises? A great way to protect your clients (who may or may not pay attention to signs about slippery surfaces), and help avoid potential costly litigation. At a cost of £49 + VAT it is well worth the money!

If you would like more details on the coating, and other coatings that Kada Coatings can supply (including their Nano-Technology range), why not contact them here, or via their website here.

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