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March 28th, 2020
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Why my approach is different! – Rachael Barnes Confidence and Self Worth Coach

So how does my approach to coaching differ from other coaches?

Most coaches will concentrate on the issues you are currently facing and help you to write an action plan to move forward.

My approach involves digging more deeply.

In fact, digging all the way back to your childhood.

Things you experienced as a child may have had a greater impact on your adult life than you think.

A common misconception is that you had to have experienced some kind of trauma as a child which resulted in your lack of self worth.

This is simply not true.

Your reaction to certain situations or experiences may have led to your lack of self confidence.

Experiences that you were too young to deal with.

A classmate who sniggered at your fashion sense.

A teacher who ridiculed your lack of subject knowledge.

A sibling who made fun of your weight.

An over critical parent.

All these seemingly minor things if not dealt with can lead to low self worth and low self confidence.

It’s like painting over a damp patch without actually dealing with the damp. However much you paint over it the damp will keep seeping through.

My sessions help you to discover what these root causes were.

Once discovered we can help to rewrite them.

Resulting in greater self confidence and higher self worth.

Finally allowing you to live the life you’ve always dreamt of.

I’m currently offering clients two 1:1 consultations and an affirmation recording for the special price of £99 (only 5 places available).

Contact me if you’d like to chat further x

Rachael Barnes, Confidence and Self Worth Coach

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