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June 23rd, 2021
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How to get Reviews for your Business!

Wanting to showcase your services, but don’t have any reviews?

A lack of reviews can really affect your sales, so it makes sense to ask for them whenever you can. We break down some of the easiest ways to ask for them.

1. Ask on social media.

Put out a post on your social media, asking for reviews. You would be surprised how many people will respond! Don’t just do it once, ask regularly.

2. Facebook message, text or WhatsApp.

Send the person you would like to have a review from a Facebook message, or Whatsapp message, and ask them if they can leave you a review, and direct them to where you would like it left.

3. Email signatures

Have the request in your email signature. You can use wording such as: ‘We lovel knowing our customers are happy. If we have helped you at all, can you please leave us a review here’ , and add a hyperlink to the ‘here’, directing them where you would like the review left

4. Send a personalised email.

In the email, you can detail exactly where you would like the review left (or in multiple places if relevant), and why it is so important to you.

5. In with their order

Sending out an item to your customer? Pop a request in with the physical product you are sending them, along with a ‘Thank you for your order’ card or note. Not sending a physical product? Add a note to their receipt or invoice.

6. In Person

Seeing clients face to face? Ask them to pull out their phone and leave one on Facebook on the spot. Great for service-based businesses like hairdressers!

7. Postcards

Give your client a postcard to fill in! This is a great one for face-to-face services, where your customer may or may not be willing to add the details to social media. As part of their package with us, Spotlight Newport members have access to our Postcard review system, meaning they can have their customers fill out the review card, and then it comes to us to add to the website and social media.

Sometimes you may need to think outside the box when it comes to gathering and using reviews in your marketing. 

Received positive feedback in an email, on messenger or elsewhere? Ask if you can screenshot it and use it on your social media. It is unlikely someone will say no! You can always add some or all of the wording to a graphic in Canva, so it is in your brand colours and style.

If someone is struggling to know what to say, you can always send them some prompts. Or if they have given you a verbal review (eg, at the end of a workshop), write it down, then email it to them and ask if they can add it as a review, and point them in the direction of where you would like it kept.

If you would like help with getting and showcasing reviews for your business, we would love to have a chat about this and many other ways to promote your business.

Drop us a message and we will be in touch.

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