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August 24th, 2019
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Phone repair vs replacement – is it worth fixing?

Is it worth fixing your phone? Should your look at phone repairs or just replace it?

Phones can be pretty expensive, and there is nothing worse than dropping it, and cracking the screen, or not being able to charge it properly because the charging socket is damaged.  Maybe your battery life is terrible, and you struggle to get through the day without topping up the charge? We asked Alt Tec in Abersychan why you should repair your phone, rather than replace it!

Value for money

New phones can be pretty expensive to buy outright, which is your main option if you are in a contract, or don’t want to be tied into a new contract. On the other hand, fixing your current phone can be a lot more affordable. Unless you just have to have the latest model, repairing your current phone could be as little as a £25 battery replacement. Phone repairs can be very affordable!

Repairing an existing phone is quick!

The most annoying thing about getting a new phone is getting all the settings right on it, everyone’s number stored correctly, all your apps downloaded etc. This all takes time, and that doesn’t even include the time spent working out which phone to buy! Phone repairs, on the other hand, can be done in as little as 15 minutes, and your phone is as good as new very quickly!

You can pass it on to the kids

Decided to upgrade your phone? You can easily fix your old one and pass it on to the kids to use. Let’s face it, most children these days have a phone long before they go to high school. Most only use it for selfies, playing games and maybe texting their friends. Do they really need the latest iPhone or Samsung for that? There is also the risk of them losing or dropping a new phone to worry about. Have your old one repaired, pop a new case on it and they will be none the wiser!

Easier to use

So many people keep using their broken phone, even though it drives them mad! How many people do you know have major cracks over their screen? No one wants to see the world though a web of lines. Struggle with the charging port? That is something that is very economical to repair!

There are times when it is definitely better to replace your phone, rather than repair it. If it has been badly squashed for example, and sometimes water damage can cause havoc with your phone. Alt Tec will advise you on whether it is worth fixing your current phone, or whether you should look at buying a new one. Why not give them a call today on 01495775630 or pop in to see them on Snatchwood Rd, Abersychan!

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