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December 9th, 2019
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How to Winterproof your Car this Autumn

Mechanic in Newport

Now that Autumn is well and truly here, it’s time to start thinking about getting your car ready for winter – some you can do yourself, some you will need probably need to speak to a mechanic in Newport about. Here are our tips to make sure your car is ready for the winter weather!

  • Have your car serviced to make sure it is running well – please let us know who your favourite mechanic in Newport is!
  • Check your battery – the cold can definitely affect batteries and their performance. No-one wants to start thier morning with a flat battery!
  • Check your tires – you really want to make sure you have enough grip on icy roads! (That, and pass the MOT next time it is due)
  • Make sure your fluid levels are all fine – especially anti-freeze and windscreen wash. Both things you will definitely need this winter.
  • Check your windscreen wipers and blades, and make sure you keep some de-icer and a scraper in the car for those frosty mornings.
  • Carry an emergency kit in the car in case of breakdown.  Keep it well stocked with a 1st aid kit, torch (and spare batteries too), a high vis vest, some warm clothes and a blanket, as well as some snacks and bottles of water. A phone powerbank or phone charger is a great idea too.

Make sure you have breakdown cover in place – as breakdowns more than double in winter months. This way, if the worst does happen you can get help quickly and easily.

We are on the lookout for a great local Mechanic in Newport and the surrounding areas. Is this you? Do you have anyone you could recommend? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know here, or drop us an email at newport@spotlight.wales

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