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March 28th, 2020
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How to get your Garden ready for Winter!

gardener in Newport

Well, the colder weather is on us and one look outside will tell you that Autumn is well and truly here.  If you have a gardener, then great. If not, here are some tips for getting your garden sorted this Autumn.

·         Time to give the lawns a mow and tidy up the borders

·         Trim back hedges to get them looking neat for the winter

·         Harvest any apples, pears and nuts you have growing

·         Tidy out your greenhouse, and move any delicate plants in, or put them in the conservatory if you have one

·         Clear up any fallen leaves

·         Insulate outdoor plant containers from frost, and stand them on pot feet

·         Collect any seeds from plants to sow for next year

·         Cut back any perennials that have died down

·         Plant out your spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, as well as any winter bedding plants

·         Clean and put away any outdoor furniture, or cover it over for winter

·         Keep the bird feeder stocked up, and ensure there is fresh water in your bird bath

We are on the lookout for a great local gardening/landscaping company. If you can recommend a great gardener in Newport and the surrounding areas,  please let us know at newport@spotlight.wales


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