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August 17th, 2019
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How do you know your cleaning company are up to scratch?

It is always something you consider – you want to outsource work to an outside company, but how can you be sure they will meet the high standards your business expects? We asked Rainbow Brite Cleaning Services how they address this, with their advanced auditing process.

Q. How can I be sure your staff will clean everything well enough?

A. All our staff are well trained, using our in-house training program, and we are an ISO 9001 accredited company, so you know that our standards and systems that we have in place are of a great quality, and regularly audited.

Q. How often will you check that things are being done properly?

A. It can vary business to business. Some are weekly, fortnightly, or once a month. Our supervisors have scheduled inspections or audits that they carry out, all of which is agreed as part of our contract with each business.

Q. So it is just a tick-box exercise on paper then?

A. No, in a bid to use less paper, we use special auditing software, with each business and site having an audit plan unique to them. The audits are done electronically on an iPad, with any areas of concern photographed, and sent through to us immediately, so that the relevant action can be taken. Sometimes this can be of something that needs maintenance, sometimes it may mean we need to use a different cleaning method to ensure that you have the desired result.

Q. How often are the reports looked at?

A. With our scheduling, we look at the reports as soon as they are completed, as the system we use flags them up as soon as they are completed. It will alert us to any issues, and it also allows us to ensure our staff are working efficiently, and not missing any areas off the cleaning schedule. The report notes any areas of concern, what action needs to be taken, and sets reminders to ensure the action is completed, and the area/issue rechecked to ensure that the remedial action has been completed to a satisfactory standard.

Q. Doesn’t this just mean more reports for you, and for us to look at?

A. No, it actually saves time, and means less paperwork, as it is easier to manage. The software collates any issues into a simple, easy to read report, with easy to identify next steps. That could mean a change in product used, some maintenance, a change in procedure, or maybe additional training for staff.

Q. Isn’t that a bit hard on the staff?

A. Not at all – yes, it holds them accountable for their work, but it also makes sure they are motivated to do their job properly. We can use the data collated to see which of our employees deserves extra recognition through our staff awards program, as well as allowing us to give extra time and development to those who need it.

Q. Does it cost extra for you to implement this in my workplace?

A. We don’t charge extra for using the software. It is more efficient for us and you, and helps us with our staff, so it is included as standard with all our contracts.

If you are struggling to maintain your premises to the standard that you would like, why not speak to Rainbow Brite Cleaning Services? Rainbow Brite can put in place a cleaning contract with fully trained cleaners carrying out a system of cleaning tailored to you and your organisation.  Covering the South Wales area, Rainbow Brite pride themselves on their commercial cleaning, and putting in place the right cleaning routines and system-based cleaning patterns to suit your business.  This can take the stress of cleaning out of your hands, as the staff from Rainbow Brite are fully trained, provide holiday cover and will inspect the premises regularly to ensure your premises are looking their best.   Contact them here to arrange a time to talk today!

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