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September 21st, 2019

6 Week Confidence Coaching Package with Rachael Barnes for £299

How are your confidence levels? Do you wish you could walk into a room and not feel the need to compare yourself to every other person in that room? Wish that you felt comfortable enough to say YES to new experiences?

Many of us feel concerned about how others will react to us, and just don’t feel like we are where we want to be in life, but aren’t sure how to get there.

If you would like to get to a position where you aren’t constantly worrying about what others think, or are tired of feeling like you should be seeking approval from others at every turn (known as approval addiction), and want to feel happier in all areas of your life, without worrying about how others will react, then Rachael  is here to help.

Rachael Barnes is a Confidence and Self Worth Coach, who works exclusively with women who want to build their confidence. She is currently offering Confidence and Self Worth Coaching packages to help you build your confidence. This is a 1:1 six week package, that includes 4 consultations with you, completed online via Skype or messenger chat. With the package, Rachael helps you work through your challenges, gives you the tools necessary to continue to develop, and helps you to set yourself goals to ensure you will be able to walk into that room with the self-confidence to know you deserve to be there, and can tackle any task in front of you. To find out more about Rachael, or book sessions, contact her here.

Rachael also offers an initial 1:1 coaching session that includes:

  • An informal chat via e-mail/messenger to see how her sessions can help you.
  • A detailed questionnaire to highlight the root cause of your confidence issues.
  • A 1:1 session via Skype/messenger to explore these issues further and to devise an action plan.
  • A personalised affirmation recording.
  • The opportunity to book further 1:1 appointments at a discounted price.

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